Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is extremely common among men, especially over the age of 65. It may come as a surprise to some, but over 30 million Americans suffer from ED. And for many of them the big question is: Can you buy Viagra over the counter to treat ED? The answer is very encouraging – Yes! Several online pharmacies offer men suffering from ED great opportunities to buy generic viagra without a prescription.

Knowing the signs

Viagra-over-the-counterOur lives are so hectic these days that when we suffer from specific medical conditions, we usually brush them aside. We are too busy to deal with our symptoms. We postpone seeking medical advice. And we even don’t confide in those close to us about what we are going through.

Men suffering from sexual dysfunctions like ED can easily get relief through over the counter Viagra, but only if they pause and take note of their symptoms first. Men, especially if they are in the 60-65 year age group, should consider ordering Sildenafil Citrate if:

  • they are unable to attain an erection, despite sexual stimulation
  • they do achieve an erection, but it is not strong enough to perform sexual activity
  • they are unable to sustain an erection for too long

Sadly though, many men will put these symptoms down to stress, or a temporary “performance” issue. Even though the signs are there for them to see, most men don’t like to deal with it. And even though there are online pharmacies that can help you buy Viagra over the counter, most men might not be aware that the symptoms they are experiencing are indeed serious, and require Sildenafil (Generic Viagra) to treat.

Procrastination is dangerous!

over-the-counter-sildenafilIf you are someone that sees any of the signs discussed here, then you should consider ordering Viagra over the counter at the earliest! Why? Because unlike a headache or the flu, which will run its course and be over in a day or two, ED is not a transient condition that you can simply “wish away!” ED is both a physical and a physiological condition that stems from low blood flow to the penile region. And using generic sildenafil is the most effective way to deal with it.

Men, who procrastinate in seeking treatment for their ED risk worsening things for themselves.

  • ED leads to strains in intimate relationships!
  • It can add to stress levels, which further compromise “performance” in bed!
  • Men suffering from ED can soon start feeling depressed – which can lead to chronic depression
  • The longer you delay ordering Viagra, the more complicated the situation becomes!

The symptoms of ED won’t dissipate of they are ignored. And as men try to deal with it silently, mainly because they are too embarrassed to talk to anyone about it, their stress, irritability and frustration levels rise. By not seeking to treat it immediately using Sildenafil Citrate, ED can not only ruin intimate relationships, but it can have a deep impact on one’s personal and professional lives.

You can avoid it all if you buy Viagra over the counter!

Why OTC Viagra?

Online pharmacies dealing with Generic Viagra play a great part in helping men deal with their ED challenges. Because of the perceived stigma attached to ED:

  • men hesitate to see a physician to ask for a Viagra prescription
  • they feel embarrassed standing in a line to fill their prescription (once they get it!)
  • they have to often go out of their way to drop by a pharmacy to fill the prescription

Ordering Viagra over the counter removes all of these difficulties in seeking the desired treatment for your ED condition. Ordering over the counter Viagra online means you can place your order from the comfort of your home. It means your medication is shipped discretely. And it means no one needs to know what you are dealing with, because your medical information is never shared with anyone.

Men over 65 should give serious consideration to ordering generic Viagra online as soon as they recognize any of the symptoms discussed here.